Did You Know That Your Office Desk Computer Could Harbour Germs?

A survey done by the University of London showed that the average office desk had more germs on it than the average toilet seat. Dr Peter Wilson was one of the leading Investigators on the team. His findings were astonishing even to us.

The average office computer keyboard harboured some 3,295 germs per square inch.

Peter Wilson Germ Investigation Researcher

Over three thousand germs and bacteria in every square inch of your office keyboard. Yes, we are talking serious stuff here including Salmonella and E-coli.

Who are you going to call for help for computer cleaning?

Wait! Don’t touch that office phone either! Did you know that you were about to put over 25,000 germs right next to your mouth and ear? If a member of your staff has a cold or flu or any gastro related sickness that bacteria can live on your phone handset for up to two weeks. Any other person using that phone is very likely to pick up that infection simply by breathing whilst talking on the phone.
Are your office phones, even occasionally, used by more than one person?

That phone can spread colds, flu or other bacteria around the office?

Are they being cleaned thoroughly with a fresh antiseptic cleaning agent?

Or is it one dirty cloth used to clean every other office phone?

Which Magazine

One piece of that research was done in The Consumer Association offices (they publish “Which Magazine”). It was here that they found that one keyboard was so germ-laden the lead researcher ordered that it be isolated, placed in a large plastic bag and taken away from the premises to be professionally decontaminated. They admitted that particular keyboard had 150 times the recommended maximum limit for bacteria.

Looking it in another way that was five times the level of bacteria found on any of their toilet seats.

If that had been your office desk keyboard how would you have felt? Overjoyed or feeling sick?

Their computing editor Sarah Kidner now recommends that all computer users should ensure that their computer is given a regular and thorough “spring clean”. Regular computer cleaning within a commercial environment means at least bi-monthly. Even more often if your computers are used by more than one person. Computer cleaning will help reduce the risk of staff picking up and passing on infections to other staff or their own family.

Not Convinced About The Need For Office Computer Cleaning Yet?

Let’s start looking at your computer in front of you right now.

Your computer keyboard.

Have you ever lifted your computer keyboard and spread clean white printer paper over the desk? Did you then turn the keyboard upside down and smack its bottom a few times?

Were you surprised at the dirt that came out? Most people are! It is usually a mix of crumbs and dust that is now lying on the office desk. That is the reason we suggested putting down the paper so you could see dirt that was living on your computer keyboard.

Computer Cleaning Team Members
That dust and grime that was on your keyboard is just part of the problem. Most of it will still be inside. It acts as a breeding ground for bacteria. Over the weeks or even months, every crumb or static dust — even minute flakes of your skin —will have been finding its way in there. It is then feeding the bacteria that is in there.

Just imagine your fingers as you type being only millimetres away from a major source of breeding bacteria. As you finish your typing and reach for that cup of coffee to relax what else is on your fingertip?

What else are you eating apart from that very tasty chocolate biscuit?

The university-led research I mentioned above found your average office desk was likely to have twice as much bacteria on it as your average office toilet seat! Now, where is it safer to eat your lunch? That type of testing has been carried out across a number of offices across the UK and several cities in the USA with similar results. Time to do some serious office computer cleaning isn’t it?

Your computer mouse.

Quick question for you how are you scrolling down this page?

It is likely to be your computer’s mouse!

Back in the “Old Days”, we would have seen a round rubber-like ball moving against rollers. Removing that ball allowed us to see the amount of dirt, grease and hair clinging to the rollers. Quite often we would all remove that ball and use an office paper clip to scratch away and wipe the rollers clean. If we did not do that cleaning regularly the mouse would simply cease to work. It would get stuck and either stop moving around the screen or go in a different direction we were wanting to move.

Nowadays we see a red laser light beam instead of the mouse ball. However, even that needs cleaning. Look at the underneath corners of the mouse and you will see that same greasy dirt.

Now have a look at the ventilation grills on the side and back of the main computer unit case. Do you see a lot of dust on the outside? Almost certainly you will be seeing a fairly thick layer particularly if your computer is a few months old and/or standing on carpeted floors under your desk.

Your computer needs that ventilation to cool down the Central Processor Unit and rows of memory sticks. Overheating can lead to faulty processing of your precious data. Or even risk of fire! Either way that would drastically affect your business data and consequently damage your whole business.

Dirty Ventilation grill need computer cleaning team

Dangers Of Computer Cleaning Being Done In Your Office.

Now you were almost convinced you needed to start cleaning your computer and I tell you there are dangers if you do. What do I mean by that?

Firstly, do NOT let your normal office cleaners touch your computer systems. Invariably they are not trained to do it correctly. Secondly, they would not have the specialist cleaning materials required.

We spotted this problem at a new office cleaning contract we had taken over from another Glasgow commercial cleaning company.

The new cleaner approached us and asked why we had not supplied her with a window cleaner spray. We were puzzled as we were not cleaning any windows as part of the contract. She then told us that the office manager had asked her why she was not cleaning the computer monitors like the other cleaning company had done.

That office manager was not aware that a normal glass cleaner will remove the protective layer on the monitor screen. That will lead to more eye-strain and headaches for your regular office staff members.

The previous commercial cleaning company — were actually making life more difficult for the staff employed by their customer. That “professional” office cleaning company should have known better. They would have done if they had been taking their professional standards seriously.

We solved that computer cleaning problem!

Our computer cleaning specialist team manager visited the company’s office manager and explained the problem that the other cleaning company had been creating.

We even showed her a detailed Health and Safety official report. The report gave facts and figures on how the glass cleaner was damaging the computer operative eyesight.

We did however then set up a regular bi-monthly clean of all computer peripherals to be carried by our own computer cleaning technicians. They are fully trained and supported with all the appropriate computer cleaning equipment needed to complete the job.

Did you know that on average a sticky keyboard — or non-functioning mouse — will cost a staff member approximately 5 minutes a day?

Does not sound like a lot of time but that works out at 25 minutes a week.

I will leave you to calculate what that would mean over a month or even a year!

Okay! Over the year that works out at 20 hours per computer.
20 hours is more than half an average working week.
That is what just one sticky keyboard can cost you if not attended to properly.

Remember lost time through sickness or eyestrain is on top of that.

Time to call our computer cleaning team to discuss how we can help you save time and money. You can reach us on 0141 280 2941 now.