You know that that there are a number other good Commercial Cleaning Companies in Glasgow. So why should you choose to use Crest Cleaning Services?
Well to be perfectly honest I may be regarded as being — just a little — biased. After all, I am one of the founders of this commercial cleaning services company but at least I am upfront about that. 🙂
Still having been involved with Crest Cleaning Service since the very beginning I believe the way we have succeeded and overtaken so many of our competitors is down to us.

Firstly, knowing how to ask the right questions and our excellent listening skills. That has enabled us to understand what our customers are really expecting from us so we can meet those needs in FULL.

Secondly, we have worked hard at building and maintaining our reputation. That has meant we can truly claim we have one of the highest customer retention rate in Glasgow. In other words, our customers have no reason to leave us for another company.

Jon Anderson Founder of Crest Cleaning Service

Our Commercial Cleaning Company in Glasgow

We are not the biggest or the oldest cleaning company in the Glasgow region. But we can claim to be one of the hardest working Glasgow commercial cleaning companies. Cleaning commercial buildings like yours is not just knowing how to use a vacuum cleaner and a mop.

What type of commercial cleaning contracts do we maintain?

We concentrate on cleaning for commercial companies. For example, we are currently providing the following cleaning services that would clearly fall into that category.

  • Office cleaning (e.g. building, manufacturing or engineering company)
  • Professional Practice (e.g. Accountant, Legal or consulting practices)
  • Medical practices (including dental, optical, audiologist, podiatrist, chiropractor and similar professional practitioners.)
  • Educational and training centres. (including schools, colleges and adult centres.)
  • Restaurants and dining areas. (We can and do clean both front of house and the commercial kitchen areas.)
  • Pubs, bars and clubs. This includes both social clubs and nightclubs.
  • Sport and leisure based clubs (For example, golf, swimming, gyms and health spas.)
  • Retail Shops and Stores.
  • Car Sales Showrooms (the car display areas as well as backroom offices and repair workshops)
  • Window Cleaning. If required we can include internal and external window cleaning arrangements in our main cleaning contract.
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning. Our cleaning services include commercial carpet cleaning but not in domestic homes unless it is arranged through a company. For example, a property company with a range of domestic houses/flats etc or company managed accommodation for visiting staff and/or contracts.

Essentially, we are involved in doing all the major commercial cleaning contracts. There are two further areas we would draw special attention to

End of Tenancy Cleaning

This is a global term covering both pre-occupation cleans done before new tenants move in and after tenants have moved out of the properties. In some cases, we have been involved in doing initial cleans prior to moving any office furniture into a new property. Then do a second cleaning service after all the removal men have completed their work.

Construction/Building Alteration Work Also Known As Builders Cleans

We have worked on both the initial builders clean and the final sparkle clean. That experience shows us that some builders like them done as separate cleans. The initial clean being just before snagging and then a separate full sparkle clean just prior to handover.

Other builders book both as one clean. Larger constructions such as building big office blocks or department stores are more likely to require two cleans. (However, that is often because we are doing the initial builder cleaning whilst the builders are still working on that part of the site.) Smaller stores and minor alterations go for one clean.

Note On Domestic Cleaning Contracts

We do not do regular cleaning of individual domestic houses/flats. However, we can offer end of tenancy cleaning to landlords and tenants alike. In both cases, we can supply full written schedules of work completed in each area. Just make sure you ask for this before we start as photos etc may not be taken. This avoids any disagreements about whether a rental deposit can be withheld or returned.

Training Our Commercial Cleaning Staff Teams

Commercial Cleaning Companies in Glasgow (and to honest elsewhere) tend to believe that a cleaner need is trained once and once only, no matter where they are asked to work. Almost certainly when you take on a new office worker he or she is given induction training and shown what needs doing, what standards are expected of them, the layout of the place and things like fire exits. We know from talking to cleaners joining us that very few get that knowledge and spend the first few days trying to figure out what needs doing and wondering if have they found all the rooms.

That experience shows we have to have a system that involves retraining every single person joining us. Especially if they have been working for a different commercial cleaning company where standards may not be as high. If their standards were as high as ours then it is unlikely that you — as a prospective customer — would be reading this website looking for replacement cleaners.

If you are looking for replacement cleaning solutions to your problems ring us now on 0141 280 2941 to discuss a time to meet up and look at the problems together.
So, every cleaner will be inducted afresh working alongside one of our experienced supervisors. They will also learn the correct way to use the new cleaning solutions, the correct order and the methods/equipment/paperwork we use.

British Institute of Cleaning Science Standards Our Professional Body

I recall going to see a new contract we were going to be taking and wanted to see for myself what the club manager had been telling me about standards. I watched with horror when I saw the supervisor walk out of the ladies’ toilets carrying a bucket of dirty water and two mops. She put the red mop down against a wall and started to use the blue mop to wash the small kitchen area.

I had introduced myself as being from head office I just did not say I was from the head office of a different cleaning company. So, I approached her and asked why she had started using a different colour mop. “What is the difference between them?”

She replied that it was the standard practice that all cleaners should use a red mop for toilets and a blue mop for elsewhere as it cut down cross-contamination. She had been very confident about her reply so obviously, she had received some training.

However, she had missed the whole point of what the trainer should have been teaching. The BICSc standard does require that different equipment is used red for toilets and blue for general cleaning. That colour scheme also applies to mop buckets and cloths, not just the mop head. In the case, I had just witnessed for myself she had

  1. placed the red mop handle just used for cleaning the toilet leaning up against a wall. Tthe dirty mop head was sitting on the kitchen floor.
  2. used the same red bucket to wash the floor of the kitchen. It should have been the standard blue bucket for general usage.
  3. not even changed the water used to wash the toilets before washing the kitchen floor.
This was a complete failure of observing the colour code. I believe that her cleaning company managers were clearly at fault. Their training had not been done correctly. Secondly, the trainee had not been tested on her understanding of the training relating to the use of colour coding in commercial cleaning. Thirdly the company had not been monitoring the work of their staff. (Even worse the cleaner who had been performing these actions was the site supervisor so would have been responsible for training and monitoring other staff.) The club management would have been held responsible for any food poisoning caused by the cross-contamination created by the cleaner.

It is incidents like this that reminds us of the need to consistently monitor and retrain all our staff. How do we know we are still providing our customers with the high-quality cleaning contract? We can’t unless we are monitoring it! This applies not just to cleaners but all staff across our organisation. We keep very good records of the training each person has received. This is kept with results of testing of their understanding. Plus follow-up inspections of work being done on site.

If a person is allocated an extra site to work at they will be given a fresh induction training session. This time based on that new site.  Yes, all this extra training work keeps us busy! However, it ensures we know our cleaning staff all understand our cleaning standards and are working to meet them.

Are you looking for a new commercial cleaning company in Glasgow? Ring us now on 0141 280 2941. Discover for yourself the difference a professional commercial cleaning company can make to your workplace.