Your office is a place of business. In business image is (almost) everything. So, having a clean office will help protect its image. Like anywhere else in the region you need to be able to consistently maintain high levels of office cleaning in Glasgow. Any visitor to your office will notice how it looks.

What do they say about “first impressions”?

Health Hazards and Office Cleaning In Glasgow

Surveys also tell us dirty offices can be a health hazard.  You know yourself how quickly colds and flu can spread amongst your staff teams.

In our computer cleaning pages, we give many examples of how infections can spread amongst your staff. Elsewhere we also show how infections can spread through contact with door handles, stair banisters and of course handshakes spread them even wider. Office desks can quickly develop into a breeding site for bacteria.  Coffee cup stains, biscuit crumbs, sweaty hands. Your office desk needs cleaning regularly.

office cleaning in practice

A few years back Which magazine (Consumer Association) did a test survey showing bacteria levels on office desks especially computer areas. It showed in some company’s bacteria levels on desktops were up to five times greater than the toilet seat. Now where do you think is safer to eat your lunchtime snack?

One keyboard in the “Which” office has so badly infected it was immediately condemned and removed from the office for safety reasons. Could that be the case in your office as well?

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Yes, Your Glasgow Offices Could Be a Health Hazard.

That is why the last thing that you need is people being infected by diseases because the office is not clean. That is the main reason you need to hire professionals for your office cleaning.

But unfortunately, not all office cleaners are professional. Many are not trained to do the job thoroughly to a consistent high standard.

Is that the reason you are now looking at this page?

Are your current cleaning standards not consistently high enough for you?

Office Cleaning Glasgow Staff Who Are Appreciated Work Better.

All cleaners need to be aware that high cleaning standards are appreciated by their managers not just taken for granted. Our managers and supervisors do regular monitoring visits. They do not just look for faults they are looking for things that are being done to high standards.

The cleaner is not just verbally praised but publicly acknowledged in our Office Cleaning in Glasgow Scoreboards leading to bonuses for consistency. We do have different scoreboards for different types of premises.

Professionally trained office cleaning staff know how to clean your office leaving it not just spotlessly clean but healthy for your staff teams.

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