Crest Cleaning Services places a lot of emphasis on maintaining standards of office cleaning. You are paying for those standards. But we also know it helps to create a healthier attitude for your staff team members.

Hire us to do your office cleaning contract and know you will be getting a professional cleaning standard. That is what our people are trained to do.   We value our customers, their demands as well as their complete satisfaction in maintaining a positive, healthy, clean working environment.

Are you tired of being let down with sub-standard office cleaning?

That is what many of our existing commercial cleaning customers said was the reason they were switching to us. They were just fed up of a cleaning team constantly rushing trying to finish as quickly as they could.

Maybe they had another couple of jobs to complete before they could go home. Or maybe they just did not understand what professional office cleaners are expected to do.

Either way it is usually not down to the individual cleaners at fault. It is the office cleaning service management team to blame. They are not providing proper training and monitoring appropriately.

Crest Cares About Office Cleaning Standards

It is time to switch to a company that really cares about standards. We employ supervisors and managers whose primary role is to ensure high standards. They will regularly check standards in each contract.

Where they find that standards are starting to slip they will take immediate action. This will include retraining the cleaner to bring them back up to scratch. They will then continue to monitor standards.

office cleaning in practice

The cleaners do NOT know in advance when the manager is carrying out their inspection visit.  However, it will be usually towards the end of their contracted hours. That way, our supervisors are seeing the problem first hand before your staff return the next morning.

To find out more about what we can offer with regard to office cleaning just give us a quick ring on 0141 280 2941.

Office Cleaning in Glasgow

We are a commercial cleaning service. So, before we even start our contract we will discuss your ideas in detail. Only in that way will we have a great understanding of what you expect from a cleaning company. We will not let you down.

Whether you are based in Glasgow City Centre or the outskirts we will ensure you get the services you need.

In addition to all the usual office cleaning services, we can also provide window and carpets shampoo. One contract with one agency meets all your needs. Why use a number of companies when we meet all your needs?

We will gladly come to meet you and see the problems you are experiencing first hand. That way we can also show how we can fix them for you.  We will then be able to give you a free quote which will be a pleasant surprise. You will also wonder why you had not used us before.

To find out more about what we can offer you just give us a quick ring on 0141 280 2941.

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