Computer Cleaning in Glasgow Why Is It Important?

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You may have heard about the importance of computer cleaning in Glasgow  but still have a few  questions about it. For example they could include

  1.   Why it needs to be done 
  2.   Why your regular office cleaners can't do it for you.
  3.   What is involved?
  4.   How can it help me or my business?

We intend to answer some of those questions for you on this page. We will tackle the others on the following page.  However if you are not sure about anything or just want to know more just contact us here. Alternatively just phone me on 0141 280 2941 and arrange a meeting.

Do you know how important it is to have your computer cleaned on a regular basis?

Computer cleaning is not just about the visual appearance of your computer accessories as important as that may be.  Lets take this opportunity to consider the effect that a dirty computer can have on the health of YOUR staff.

"Should somebody have a cold in your office, or even have gastroenteritis, you're very likely to pick it up from a keyboard. If you look at what grows on computer keyboards, (and hospitals are worse believe it or not), it's more or less a reflection of what's in your nose and in your gut."

unhealthy computer cleaning

Dr Peter Wilson Consultant Microbiologist – University College London Hospital

Your office computer keyboard and mouse are likely to be the most dangerous things on the average office desk.

Did you know?

Several researchers  in both London and the USA tested levels of bacteria on office desks and office toilet seats?

In virtually every case they found it safer to eat your lunch on the toilet seat than your office desk.

Now just ask any of our specialist computer cleaning team members where they would eat their lunch. They have seen so many dirty computer keyboards on the outside and inside.

Think about it!  Have you ever seen any crumbs drop onto your keyboard as your hand reached up to your mouth?  What about drips of coffee (or another drink) that landed on your keyboard? As the smaller crumbs slip down the edge of the keys they become bacterial breeding grounds.

How many times have you ever coughed ( or sneezed) near your computer keyb0ard? Where did those germs go?  Many of them landed on the keys that your fingers are resting on now. However they did not just land there they started to multiply.

Is another member of staff about to pick up your germs tomorrow?  Then ask yourself whose germs you are picking up as your fingers fly across that computer keyboard in front of you.

I am NOT exaggerating.  You will have heard of The Consumer Association (publishers of WHICH? magazine). A couple of years ago a microbiologist found one of their computer keyboards 150 times the recommended limit for bacteria. Consequently, he ordered that it be bagged up, immediately removed to a quarantine area and thoroughly cleaned.

By the way it had five times the bacteria found on one the same office toilet seat.

cleaning computer keyboard
  • Who is responsible for your computer cleaning?
  • Who is responsible for staff health and safety?
  • Who is going to reduce the level of staff sickness in your office or workplace?

Our Glasgow Computer Cleaning Teams

Crest Cleaning Service have their own specialist cleaners who have all been professionally trained in computer cleaning.

We have looked here at the health benefits for your staff team members by using healthy and clean computers. You will now need to discuss how your specialist cleaners can help you contact us here.

Alternatively phone us on 0141 280 2947.

Read more about how computer cleaning can help your business here in part 2.


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