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Whilst looking at the subject of office cleaning we should look at computer cleaning services. So let me ask you a couple of questions.

Have you ever lifted your computer keyboard and spread clean paper over the desk? Did you then turn the keyboard upside and smack it's bottom?

Were you  surprised at the dirt that came out? Most people are!

It is not just the outside appearance but what has dropped down between the keys.

cleaning computer keyboard

Now turn your attention to the underside of your mouse.

In the olden days we would see a round rubber like ball moving against rollers. These rollers would invariably be picking up dirt, grease and hair.

Now a days we see a laser light beam in its place. But that still needs cleaning.  look at the other areas and the odds are unless you already clean them regularly you will see that same greasy dirt.

Did you check the ventilation grids on the side of the computer main casing box? Do you see a lot of dust on the outside?  Almost certainly you will — especially if your computer is standing on carpeted floor underneath your desk.

Your computer needs that ventilation to cool down the processing power and stop it overheating. Overheating can lead to faulty processing of data or even fire. Either way that effect on your business data can be devastating.

this fan needs a good computer cleaning service urgently

Dangers Of Computer Cleaning

Convinced that you should at least consider computer cleaning for your workplace. Let me give you some warnings before you commit yourself!

Firstly do NOT let your normal office cleaners touch your computers system. Invariably they are not trained to do it properly. Secondly they do not have the specialist cleaning materials required.

We realised that early on in our training schedule and record system. When we take on cleaners they all receive a thorough training programme and follow up monitoring.  It surprised us when a new office cleaner asked us to provide glass cleaner. We asked why as we were not cleaning any windows in her office.

It turned out that the customer had asked her why she was not cleaning the computer screens like the previous company had been doing. Glass cleaner removes the protective layer on the monitor leading to more eye-strain and headaches for your regular office staff.

To prevent that happening again we added into the contract a regular monthly clean of all computer peripherals carried out by our specialist computer clean team members.

Our Computer Cleaning Team members have the correct equipment training and support to do a thorough computer cleaning exercise on all your machines. It is not something that can be done during a normal office cleaning schedule.

What Do Computer Cleaning Team Members Do?

Our computer cleaning team are experts in cleaning all computer peripherals. For example in an external clean they would complete the following.

Monitors It does not matter whether they are the older style CRTs, or a plasma screen or a modern TFT screen. We also clean the external housing for the monitor before applying sanitiser and a full new anti-static coating to reduce your staff experiencing so much eye strain and headaches.

photos of our trained computer cleaners

Keyboards  The first job is to use an air-blaster and vac it to remove all the debris under the keys.  We then clean the top surface before sanitising all the keys and external surfaces. Your keyboard is a massive storage space for all germs that have ever touched the fingers of the computer user. They then breed and grow fast ready to be passed on to the next fingers that start to type.

Mouse. We clean the mouse to remove all the build up of dust and grease from the optical sensor and then sanitising all external areas.

Main Unit.  All desktop machines will have all exterior fan grills cleaned of dust and then all parts of the case will be sanitised.

Taken together our computer cleaning team will leave your computer looking almost like new.

But did you know that on average a sticky keyboard or non functioning mouse will cost a staff member approx 5 minutes a day.

That means 25 minutes a week!

Over a year that equates to around 20 hours per computer. 20 hours is more than half an average working week. That is valuable time lost just though one sticky keyboard.

Save your staff time and stress simply by asking us to clean your computers.  Do you still have some questions then phone us on 0141 280 2941 today?

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