What do we mean by Commercial Cleaning companies in Glasgow?

Simply we concentrate on cleaning for commercial companies. For example the following types of cleaning would fall into that category.

  • Office cleaning (e.g. building, manufacturing or engineering company).
  • Professional practice (e.g. Accountant or legal firm).
  • Medical Practices. (Including Dental, optical, chiropodist,  chiropractor and similar professional practitioners).
  • Educational and training centres. (including schools, colleges and adult centres).
  • Restaurants and Dining Areas. We do clean both front of house and kitchen areas).
  • Pubs and Clubs including night-clubs as well as social and sports clubs (eg golf swimming and health spas).
  • Retail stores.
  • Car sales showrooms.
  • Construction/alteration work. Both the builders clean and final sparkle clean. (Experience shows some like to do it in separate phases.  A builders clean before snagging and a full sparkle clean just prior to handover. Other builders book both in the same clean.)
  • End of tenancy cleaning for both Landlords and Tenants.

Essentially, this means we are involved in commercial cleaning for all types of workplaces.

We do not undertake regular cleaning of individual flats and houses. We can however do one-off cleaning where a tenant in about to move in or out. Because the nature of that clean is so similar we can do it for both landlords and tenants.

In both cases we supply full written schedules of the work completed. This avoids arguments about return of rental deposits.

If you need a new commercial cleaning company in Glasgow area phone us now on 0141 280 2941.

Commercial Cleaning Companies

Commercial cleaning companies need to clean to a very high standard.  This is particularly true in Glasgow. There are a lot of commercial cleaning companies in Glasgow area. A lot of people start doing it as new business. However, they often lack the ability to understand fully what is necessary to be successful in the long term.

We know from working in the business that being successful and staying in business requires a lot of resources. We are not just talking money to buy equipment etc although that is essential as well. Every commercial cleaning company in Glasgow needs the ability to train their staff thoroughly. Experience shows we cannot just trust cleaners who have worked for another company. We now know for certain when the person knows what is required in each particular location.

commercial cleaning glasgow

Instead we retrain all commercial cleaners coming from other cleaning companies from scratch.  That way we have a full training record. That training record also records the venues they are trained in. Our customers may have particular needs and standards for some areas. Our cleaners need to know those differences.

For example, in one contract we clean one office staff member is allergic to citrus fruits. That means we cannot use any lemon based cleansing products or air-fresheners in that office. Most Glasgow based commercial cleaning companies consider a person trained — even if they have only been shown one place.

Doing this training ourselves from scratch means we maintain our high standards. We know what every cleaner can do. They also know the cleaning standards we need for each cleaning contract.

Supervisors and managers monitor all contracts regularly. They pick up and quickly correct all issues. We will also meet with you on a regular basis. This helps us understand your needs and any changes to the cleaning schedule.

If you are looking to find a commercial cleaning company with high standards get in touch now. Phone us on 0141 280 2941 now. Let's discuss how we can guarantee to meet your needs on every clean.

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