What is spam?

In the context of today’ electronic messaging, spam mail refers to unsolicited, bulk or indiscriminate messages, typically sent for a commercial purpose.

Crest Cleaning Service has a zero-tolerance spam policy.  We will never knowingly send bulk spam mail to any email address which has not given written consent for such emails. Neither will we collaborate with any other person or organisation to send unsolicited mail on our behalf.

Crest Cleaning Service Incoming Mail And Spam Filtering

Crest Cleaning Service’s email server systems will automatically scan all incoming email messages and filter-out messages that appear to it to be within its spam guidelines.

However, no written “rules” or guidance can ever be 100% accurate. This means that whilst some spam messages get through those filters there is also some genuine emails that get rejected and sent to the Trash bin or our spam bin.

You may have a concern that this may have happened to your email message. For example, if we have not replied to you within a reasonable period (taking into account weekend, holiday seasons etc) then please get in touch by some other means. For example, use our online contact form or postal mail.

We have found from experience that you can reduce the likelihood of your email being filtered by sending as plain text and ensuring that all messages are scanned for malware by your antivirus and or similar software before being sent. Again from experience in many cases, the mail has been filtered by an email server filter well before it reaches our servers but we are able so a route check which may help us to identify the problem.

Receipt of Unwanted Messages from Crest Cleaning Service

In the unlikely event that you receive any message from Crest Cleaning Service or sent using Crest Cleaning Service systems that consider being spam, please contact Crest Cleaning Service using the details below and the matter will be fully investigated.

In most cases, in the past, this has proven to be another person (unconnected with Crest Cleaning Service in any way) who has set up an email facility using our address. To be able to identify this please forward the whole email to us including the headers to enable us to cross-check our servers.

If you have in the past signed up for and been receiving regular newsletters and now wish to cancel you will find an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of all newsletters. Clicking that link will open up a tab in your browser where you will be asked to click again to have your email address removed from the mailing list. It is possible that you may receive one more email from us if that is already in the process of being sent. However, all unsubscribe requests are complied with.

Changes to this anti-spam policy

In order to keep fully up to date and comply with all relevant Crest Cleaning Service may amend this anti-spam policy at any time by publishing a new version on this website. No steps will be taken to reduce the level of protection this anti-spam policy currently provides.

Contact us

Should you have any questions about this anti-spam policy, please contact Crest Cleaning Service using this ultra safe contact us form:

See also our Privacy and Terms of Use Policy.