As a commercial cleaning company based in Glasgow, we are deeply involved in office cleaning. It is the bulk of our business in Glasgow city centre and surrounding areas. After all, almost every business in Glasgow has an office. In some cases, it is a huge office block. In others such as a small restaurant, it is one room where the manager is able to carry out his/her paperwork. Consequently, we have experience in all types of offices.

Why Are We Different To Other Office Cleaning Companies In Glasgow?

The simple answer! We listened to what potential customers were saying to us about why they are looking for a new professional cleaning company.They told us that:-

  • They were fed up of sub-standard cleaners.
  • Inconsistent standards on some days jobs were just missed altogether.
  • Poor communication when they rang the office about poor standards.
  • Staff turning up late and running off early to get the mini-bus to the next office cleaning job.
  • Equipment not being put away at the end of the cleaning. The examples ranged from
  • a vacuum cleaner being left in the middle of the room.
  • Bags of rubbish from waste paper bins left beside the door.
  • Alarms not set (on one occasion the doors were not even locked).
staff member working in clean office
Most of the problems we got were in our view down to poor cleaning managers. The managers should have been able to spot all these problems well before the client did. They should have had standard operating procedures designed to monitor all their office cleaning contracts and consistently develop high-level professional cleaning standards.Okay, we are all human and some day to day problems will arise. A cleaner may have an urgent personal family issue. However, the cleaner should know that their manager is approachable and be able to step in to support them to complete the daily contract clean.

All our cleaners have the on-duty mobile number for a manager who will be able to find another cleaner and supervisors to step in. If they can’t find someone they will take on the job themselves. A copy of the cleaners schedule will be stored in their cupboard so they will be able to perform exactly what is needed.

However, most of the issues were not one-off problems. They were down to lack of the company quality control systems being applied properly. That is if they even exist!

Are You Tired Of Being Let Down With Sub-Standard Office Cleaning? It Is Time To Switch To A Company That Really Cares About Standards. Ring Us Now On 0141 280 2941 To Discuss Using Our Professional Office Cleaning Teams Working To Maintain High Cleaning Standards.

What Are Our Quality Control Systems?

We tend to go well beyond what many of our competitors even aim to do. When we are signing up a new office cleaning contract we develop with you a detailed cleaning schedule. This plan sets out exactly what needs to be cleaned and how often. It may be that some areas are cleaned thoroughly every day whilst some such as storage/archives are only to be cleaned on a weekly or monthly.Alternatively, you may require that desktops are cleared by your staff every Friday so we can do a full clean that evening. However, on other nights any papers left on desks are not to be disturbed. Different customers have their own ideas of how their own office staff work.

Do you operate a paper recycling system? If so, we need to know about it so our cleaners can work within it.

Every cleaner employed by us to work in your building will go through a new induction training centred on your work environment. Even if they work for us in other cleaning contracts they will get another detailed induction clearly targeted at your workplace.

We employ supervisors and managers whose primary role is to ensure your high standards. They will regularly check standards in each contract. The cleaners do NOT know in advance when the manager is carrying out their inspection visit. However, it will be usually towards the end of their contracted hours. That way, our supervisors are seeing the problem first hand before your staff return the next morning.

Where they find that standards are starting to slip they will take immediate action. This will include retraining the cleaner to bring them back up to scratch. They will then continue to monitor standards. Other actions will be started if we think they are not succeeding.

What Cleaning Duties Do You Perform?

We are able to supply a full daily office cleaning function. Too many to list here but they will be listed on our schedule documentation developed with you as part of the contract discussions. However, we can also other tasks such as
Computer clean. We have our own specialist computer cleaning team who will leave your computers looking almost new. In addition, they will ensure that your computers are healthy for your staff members to use. See our page describing the health and safety issues and how we could cut down on office workers sickness levels. That alone can save you money and hassle as well as showing you fully comply with H and S guidelines.Carpet cleaning. Daily Office cleans will be including offices floor coverings both carpeted areas and hard floors. However, we can also provide carpet shampoo treatments on a regular basis or ad-hoc as required. For example, if you have someone walk through your reception area with oily boots on let us know quickly. We can either do spot treatments around the footprints or a full clean depending on the state of the rest of the carpet. (We would not want to remove the oil marks and leave you with clean footprints walking across a very dirty room carpet.)

Window cleaning. We are able to provide a full window cleaning system for most offices. However, if you are asking us to do external cleaning at height we may sub-contract the work to a specialist window company. As part of our “one cleaning contract one agency” we monitor their work alongside our own cleaning and ensure they meet the standards. Because we have more than one contract with them we have more influence over them than you will on your own.

Deep clean. We usually find we are asked to do a deep clean of an office when we take over a new contract. We use this to bring the standard of cleaning up to what we would expect our cleaning staff members to then maintain. It will usually be done by bringing in a team of extra cleaners and supervisor to perform a full clean. Normally, this would be done at the start of the contract (during the first week).

End of tenancy deep cleans. If you are moving offices we are able to deep clean your new office prior to moving desks cabinets etc into the area. We can then deep clean your existing office after everything has been moved out. We will be able to provide you with a full cleaning schedule of work done that you can provide to your landlord to prove you left it in good condition.

Builders clean. If you are having building alterations/renovations/extensions etc you may be looking for what has become known as “builders clean”. We have done a number of these and find they fall into two groups. Some builders ask that we do an initial Builders clean prior to snagging with a follow-up Sparkle Clean just prior to handover. Other builders ask for one clean. It often depends on the size of the building work. The larger the amount of building works the more likely it will be two separate cleans.

Are The Cleaners Chemicals and Equipment Environmentally Friendly?

We have been doing what is now being called Green Cleaning for some time. We became aware that some customers were asking about that so we did some research and started to do some experimental work comparing results over a period of time.Cleaning chemicals. We now use more microfibre cloths that do not require cleaning chemicals to achieve the same standards. As part of this process, we also reviewed the types and range of the cleaning chemicals. One change was to purchase more concentrated chemicals cutting down on cost of transporting large amounts of water and plastic bottles being needlessly carried up and down the country. Instead, we dilute only to supply individual contracts. Cuts down on diesel fuel plastic production and all the associated CO2 production levels.

Daytime cleans. We can also supply daytime cleaners to save on electric costs whilst your business is closed. This has meant changing some equipment to avoid noisy vacuums whilst your staff are working and long cables creating tripping hazards etc. Read more detail here about the other changes and adaptions we have made to our cleaning systems to cut both our own and your green footprint.

Maybe you have a lot of other questions we have not answered yet. Give us a ring now on 0141 280 2941 and we can arrange to meet to discuss the problems you are having. We will be able to talk with each other to show how we can solve those problems in the most efficient way.Crest Cleaning Services places a lot of emphasis on maintaining standards of office cleaning. Hire us to do your office cleaning contract and know you will be getting a professional cleaning standard. That is what our people are trained to do. We value our customers, their demands as well as their complete satisfaction in maintaining a positive, healthy, clean working environment.