At Crest Cleaning Service we pride ourselves on always paying attention to what our customers and potential customers are saying.

Almost all the adjustments we have made to our cleaning service have been because of comments and suggestions made by either a member of our staff on the ground or customer feedback sheets. I also know that that cleaning standards across the whole of Glasgow are improving all the time because of it.I have been in the cleaning business for so many years. But I still remember my first days. It was cleaning a small office with a kitchen/ding area at the back. It used to take me longer to get that kitchen area clean than it did the rest of the offices.

However, I am also very aware that I cannot know everything and our front line people are seeing their roles in a different way than either I or my senior managers do. That is why whenever I go on site and discover my cleaners are there I want to speak to them.

Often times I will be working alongside them at the same time. Their feedback is important as it tells me of things that are not quite right. I can then look at how we can make things better for all concerned.In the same way, I take the opportunity to speak to speak to our clients. That is your managers and their staff. Not surprisingly we can often get first class helpful feedback about what is happening from both those levels.

That is why we welcome feedback of all types. It does not matter whether it is vocal or my email I take all contributions into account. It is one of the best ways we can continue to grow in quality of service and number of customers we are able to work with

We want to open as many ways of contacting us as we can incorporate into the website