All Crest Cleaning Service staff members are chosen not just for their main skills but also their attitude as team workers. Dependent on our agreed contract working times they can come into contact with your staff and/or some your customers.That means all our staff have to be polite and presentable at all times.

As one of the founders of Crest Cleaning Service, I have always placed a lot of emphasis on staff work standards.

All new staff go through a high-quality training program. This will be tailored to work in your environment. If they are working in other locations that will mean fresh induction training is provided.

For example, you know as well as we do that staff need to inducted in issues like fire safety procedures. and where the cleaning stock is kept. That cannot be done in our office. It needs to be done on your site.Special instructions about cleaning standards in particular areas. Any allergies we are aware of that may prevent us using a standard cleaning solution. One example of that was an office worker who could not come into contact with citrus. We need to ensure that the cleaning standard procedures in that area did not include lemon fragrance dish washing liquids etc.

In our experience, most cleaning companies assume that if a person has been shown how to clean one office they can clean everywhere. We don’t make that assumption.

Our supervisors and managers are required to be “hands-on” in training and monitoring cleaning standards.  They lead by example. If something is not working right then they get stuck in working as a team member.

Indeed if I personally walk into a clean and notice they are having problems. My reaction is not to have a go at them but to say, “It looks like you are having problems. Would you like me to help you sort it out? Where do you want me to start?”

I believe the cleaners are each responsible for completing the clean to a high standard. If I start acting as a senior manager just giving out orders it will take longer for the job to be completed. We can discuss what happened afterwards when he or she is feeling good about finishing it and less stressed. That way they feel successful — which they are. I can then find out what happened to cause their problem. It may be something we need to discuss and if necessary correct.

Of course, if they are feeling lost I can take charge but I want to build their confidence and support them Not put them down.

I remember one incident where a cleaner had found a water leak and had to deal with that before she could start her clean. I congratulated her on using her initiative and dealing with the more urgent problem first. She found two bunches of flowers waiting for her the next time she turned up. One from me and one from a very grateful customer.

Yes, little things like that build up team loyalty and help us to keep our staff. A very low turnover means we spend less time and money on recruiting replacement staff. That means you see better cleaning results coming from our very satisfied staff.

Is this the sort of cleaning standards you want in your workplace? if so, Give me a ring and we can arrange to meet and give you a free quote. Just ring me on 0141 280 2941.Note if I’m with a customer or driving I may not be able to answer your call myself. Please do leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.